The 10 Biggest Diet Errors & weight loss

10 biggest diet for weight loss

Anyone who decides to do something good for his body and wants to free him from a few pounds, first of all, deserves respect. Because losing weight is not that easy, many of us have already felt. Countless diets and so-called insider tips promise us a quick weight reduction and maybe even while asleep. It would be nice! Unfortunately, this is not the case, so we have put together for 10 biggest diet for weight loss.

Take Lemon juice to weight loss

The tip to eat as many lemons as possible – especially in the evening – is just one of many supposed insider tips for a good figure. Even models should take in the evening, the fresh lemon juice to stimulate overnight the fat melt in the body. The lemon juice is especially helpful in high concentrations of vitamin C, which then ensures fast weight loss truly during sleep.

The fact is, vitamin C plays an important role in the metabolic functions of the human body. However, in numerous experiments scientists have still not been able to prove that fat reduction is stimulated by particularly high levels of vitamin C intake.

10 biggest diet for weight loss
Lemon helps you to reduce your weight.

It is advantageous, however, that fruit with a high vitamin C content is very positive for the diet as a whole.

Less weight due to negative calorie intake

The so-called negative calorie intake is touted in many diets and even in books as the true solution for weight loss. According to the guidebook theses, this is about consuming large quantities of foods that provide less calories to the body that is needed to digest these foods. A nice idea actually to stimulate the fat melt in the body by eating. The new trick, which of course originates from the USA, goes one step further here. For example, water, which is refined with ginger, lemon juice, cucumbers, and mint, should increase the intake of negative calories and thus properly stimulate fat burning.

Much more misleading are the miracle diets that advertise foods that are supposed to make a quick fat melt. Whatever foods are supposed to provide weight loss here, they do not work.

Sport three times a week is a condition for losing weight

It’s not the number of workouts that are done more or less disciplined weekly that are ultimately crucial when it comes to weight loss. Much more important is that regular exercise takes place in everyday life. So, if you change your diet and add exercise in everyday life, you can ultimately achieve more profit in weight-loss than someone who tortures your fitness club three times a week, but otherwise has a little exercise in everyday life.

As per science using steps instead of using escalator and lifts can reduce the body fat by 1.7 percent. Not much, but not bad, if otherwise, the diet continues as before. In addition, the activity program in everyday life can also be expanded arbitrarily. Instead of using vehicles for short distances let go by walk, it also helps to burn the fat.Walking is very good for health.

Caffeine after eating speeds up fat loss

The fact of this tip is simply that the metabolism is stimulated by the intake of caffeine.

10 biggest diet for weight loss

The fat is not melted miraculously because the espresso caffeine kicks regularly after eating. In fact, caffeine stimulates digestion after eating. This is certainly not a bad condition in the course of weight loss. Unfortunately, fat melt through caffeine after eating cannot be achieved

Food allergies cause excess pounds

However, allergies to foods that some people have do not make you fat. And the intolerance to certain foods – a much-softened alternative to allergy – also does not provide extra pounds. As convenient as this thesis is, it does not reveal the truth.

Providers of tests argue again and again that it is sufficient to get through the appropriate tests the culprits in the diet, then to reduce weight. Nutritionists reject this thesis as complete nonsense. Much harder argues the German Nutrition Society, because of the rejects these tests as a ripoff. A lot of money would be invested here in financially complex tests, which then deliver results that completely lack a scientific basis.

Artificial sweeteners reduce calorie-free sweetness

It would be nice if the desire to sweeten would be satisfied by significantly calorie-reduced sweets that get their taste with artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, it does not work to outsmart the body so easily. Even if the sweeteners lack the calories the sugar has – other important properties are missing. So here is the satisfied feeling after a real sweet snack not to compare with the artificially sweetened snack. The body simply senses that it is cheating on its calories and carbohydrates. Responsible for this lack of good feeling is the hormone serotonin, which is only released when it is formed by carbohydrates. This is only possible with real sugar.

A lot of water washes out a lot of fat.

After waking up

Drink water immediately when you wake up in the morning. Overnight, you lose a lot of fluid through breathing air and sweat. A cold glass of water before breakfast helps you start your day well and control the energy intake at breakfast.
I start every day with a big glass of water with athletic greens, even before I make myself an espresso. For some of my clients, helping to keep the water well visible before going to sleep made it impossible for them to forget it in the morning

Before Exercise

Drink about half a liter of water 2 hours to 20 minutes before your workout. So you can start well hydrogenated.

10 biggest diet for weight loss
Drink more water to clean your body and bad cholesterol.




During exercise

Most sports nutritionists recommend about 200-250 ml every 15 minutes. Natural water is the best sports drink when your workout lasts up to an hour.

After training

The goal is to compensate for the training-related fluid loss immediately after drinking. You get a good feeling for the right amount if you weigh yourself before and after. For every half kilo that the scale shows less, you can estimate a pint of water.

If you sweat

If you break out in sweat, maybe because it’s hot, then that’s the universal signal that you should drink. Even if you do not train.

Carbohydrates and fats in the morning start less

Carbohydrates and fats are essential for our body but it is harmful when taking an excess amount.Here is the balanced chart for your daily meals.

10 biggest weight loss

The only advantage of high calories intake from fats and carbohydrates in the morning is that they can be balanced during the day with more exercise and appropriate meals. The Calories come from the breakfast but otherwise.

Sport can be enough to lose weight

Exercise regularly and sweat – that should already be enough, according to some counselors, to reduce the weight. Unfortunately, that is not the case, because it would require some athletic endurance to exercise several hundred calories a day through sports.                                                                                                     For example, if you want to exfoliate a bar of chocolate, that is around 500 calories, you must consistently jog for one hour a day without a break.

As a team, diet change and sport are unbeatable for weight loss. But sport alone would be hard work to lose a few kilos.

Eating protein makes you look slim

The myth that protein makes a slim figure has long circulated among people who want to lose weight. Unfortunately, that’s not right, because the weight that counts is still the daily calorie count. Whether the calories come from protein or carbohydrates, the body is initially completely indifferent. The total amount of calories taken daily determines the weight.The calorie remains the same regardless of which source it comes from.

One thing is good for a diet with enough protein – it is very well-saturated. And with a full stomach, calorie savings are easier to implement than a hungry feeling. The protein itself, however, does not affect the weight loss


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