Belly reduce tips, fat away in 20 days

belly reduce tips
belly reduce tips

Belly away in 20 days

At the beach, only every third Indian is happy with his figure. We tell you how to reduce your belly fat to get to the bikini figure quickly.Here the some of Belly reduce tips.

Belly reduce tips: High time to lose belly fat

belly reduce tips
belly reduce tips: take a healthy food
  • It does not have to be a six-pack – but you can certainly reduce a bit of belly fat before you go on summer vacation. Her skills to make a good figure in the next twenty days: our two compass workouts for him and her. They each contain six crunchy exercises that specifically affect the female and male parade parties: The women’s circle focuses on legs & butt ( to be found here ), the circuit course for him is aimed primarily at the abdominal, thoracic and arm muscles from ( to find here).
  • This target zone training provides the appropriate muscle care, which sustainably contributes to the fine-tuning of your beachwear. Exercise on three days a week, but not on two consecutive days. The body needs Renenerationspausen to adapt to the training stimuli of the workout. And if you are not fast enough to slim down with our power circuits alone – here are a few effective accelerators from the Food Trick box:
belly reduce tips
belly reduce tips
  • Soup-Coup: Plan two to three soup days a week. Some diets do not completely rely on soups: they have a low-calorie density, so they hardly deliver any calories per kilogram due to their high water content. However, to lose weight, your soup meal should not contain more than 150 calories. Use plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables and proteins from legumes, lean meats or fish. Cream and creams are taboo, taste instead of yogurt or cottage cheese.
  • Fruit instead of sweet: If in between the small hunger comes, do not resort to the chocolate, but to dried fruit! Figs, plums, apricots, and Co. quickly bring the sugar level up. Important: drink extra – preferably water or unsweetened teas.
  • Dinner, goodbye: who takes the last bite before 17 or 18 clocks, lives slimmer! This also applies to calorie-containing drinks such as juices, sodas, milk, alcohol. Rule of thumb: start the feeding break about four hours before going to bed.
  • Avoid percentages: Alcohol is a true calorie bomb! A quarter liter of white wine contains about 180 kilocalories. But still better than a glass of wheat beer: With half a liter capacity, it has almost 500 calories. That’s more than a complete meal.

Belly reduce tips: How can it burn….!

Those who want to reduce belly fat and repeatedly subject to the latest diets usually fails and the obesity joins the frustration. However, there is simple Belly reduce tips that help immediately.

belly reduce tips
belly reduce tips: food helps to reduce belly

1) Make for a regular breakfast. Who refrains from the plague food cravings and the greed for sweet and greasy. It is good if breakfast contains fiber as well as minerals, vitamins like complex carbohydrates.

2) Especially for the complex carbohydrates, for example in wholegrain bread, the following applies: The body needs carbohydrates to provide energy. But we also need to consume this energy, otherwise, it will accumulate as fat.

3) Drink plenty of cold water. The body uses up calories to bring the water up to its temperature. In addition, water fills the stomach. Therefore, drink water in between to avoid hunger attacks. What’s more, thirst and hunger are close together, and we often eat a snack when we’re really thirsty. Before eating you should always drink water, then you have less appetite because the stomach is already filled.

4) Eat low calorie. If you eat meat, give chicken meat priority over pork, if you eat chicken, take the breast instead of the fat-rich thighs. Or grab the even lower-fat turkey.

Avoid finished products and make their own soups, sauces and dips. For example, ketchup often contains almost 50% sugar. If you mix tomato paste with soy sauce instead and add herbs, only a fraction of it remains. Instead of chips, you can eat apple chips or kohlrabi strips on the sofa, and even pretzel sticks are far less popular than potato chips.

MacDonalds, Burgerking, etc. are NoGo: Hamburger & Co are extremely fat-like sugar-rich and lead, in addition to the large intake of calories in addition to cravings. So they take easily three to four times calories

Eat “Mediterranean”: lots of fruits and vegetables, olive oil and fish, little red meat and simple carbohydrates.

High-protein food is filling for a long time, while high-fat food only briefly soothes hunger.

5) Eat when you are hungry. This is not so easy. We are so oversaturated with energy drinks, sweets or fast food stuff that we barely recognize the difference between hungry and full.

6)We eat because we are bored, because there is something to eat, or because we have the lunch break. Get used to eating only when you feel hungry.

7) Avoid soft drinks with sugar. Cola, Fanta, Sprite or Red Bull contains a lot of sugar, as well as “iced tea” from the supermarket, sweetened nectar still a lot. Drink water when you are thirsty. Mix spritzers of fruit juice and water, make your own iced tea.

8) Eat slowly. If you chew well and eat your time, eat less. The body needs up to 20 minutes to record the information “full”. It does not matter if they bring one or three plates into the stomach first. See also: ” Fletching “.

9) Move. Walk or ride a bike. In the parking garage take the stairs instead of the elevator.

10) You can also cycle for 30 minutes every day, plan jogging or weight training and integrate abdominal exercises into your daily routine. A good practice is push-ups where you press the abdomen to the floor or when you lie on your back and repeatedly straighten your upper body as much as possible.

Luckily, belly fat reacts very well to sports, and that’s why weight training is particularly successful at reducing the fat level.

11) Use everyday life to move. Go up and down while reading or talking instead of lolling on the sofa.

12) Work physically in the home: cleaning the windows, scrubbing the floor, dragging furniture into the basement, even washing up consumes calories.

13) You can easily extend or vary everyday activities that consume calories. For example, if you ride a bike to the university, take a detour. Or you drive as fast as you can. Or you turn a few gears higher.

14) Watch out for sweets. If you love Haribo, Snickers, or Tofifee, reduce the treats or forego it for a while. You should not go too dogmatic because that leads to cravings. It is better if you make sweets a ritual: In the evening at eight a colorful bag at Mehmed’s kiosk, for example.

15) Plan your free time so that you burn fat and have fun at the same time: outdoor trekking instead of sightseeing with the double-decker bus; historical city walks instead of the pub. Or do both together. By the way: even wandering through large museums consumes calories.

16) Mental training. The more we imagine something, the more we work unconsciously to achieve it. Therefore, imagine your body as you would like it to be. This will keep you focused on the goal, and the individual methods of achieving it will soon be self-evident.

So train useful habits and stop harmful habits. It takes some time, but it is very effective. For example, if you’ve gotten into the habit of drinking a gallon of coke and eating a pack of chips in the evenings, go for Coke Zero and pretzel sticks, or spritzers and apple chips.

17) Sleep well, because sleep is important for the fat metabolism to get going.

18) Avoid Stress Relievers because we often try to compensate for stress through eating.

19) Do not buy food when you are hungry, but make a list and work it out systematically. This could include, for example, peppers, onions, carrots, wild rice, various types of cabbage, potatoes, turkey breast, low-fat fish such as cod or salmon, apple spritzer, and flavored water.

Also, only buy what you really need and not what’s cheap.

20) Prevent hunger in between, by the way swallowing a sandwich or having a kebab in your stomach. Eat some fruit at home like a stuffing banana or take small snacks like apple slices, cucumbers or grapes along the way.

21) If you buy less often, then you are better protected against spontaneous purchases in the supermarket.

22) Eat at regular times, then notice quickly if you carelessly stuff calories into yourself.

23) Do not take over. An old rule. The more we eat, the more calories we give ourselves. Therefore, refrain from filling the plate two or three times.

24) In the restaurant, you refrain from sugar-rich desserts and give preference to low-calorie fish or poultry dishes over pork and lamb.

25) Do not store fatteners at home. Keep chips and chocolate under lock and key.

26) Brush your teeth more often, because that dampens your appetite.



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