Foods causing heartburn

foods causing heartburn
foods causing heartburn

Many people suffer from it, but most often do not even know where the sudden burning in the stomach and esophagus comes from. In addition to stress, smoking, too tight clothing and a malposition of the spine, some foods can also cause heartburn. Foods causing heartburn Just watch which of them you take before you get heartburn. If possible, then at least consume the consumption of the corresponding food – or dams – the consumption. Because not only for the stomach but especially for the esophagus is heartburn literally “corrosive”. A little tip: For mild to moderate heartburn, a glass of water helps with a teaspoon of baking soda (or baking soda).

Not only an acid excess leads to heartburn

  • As the most common cause – and with further causes such as stress and malposition also as the most common symptom – for heartburn is a gastric acid excess. This is caused by excessive stimuli on the autonomic nervous system (stress) or by the inclusion of special foods, which we will list below. However, there are also theories that attribute heartburn to a gastric acid deficiency.
  • According to the theory, the heartburn develops in such a way: The food is taken up and hits in the stomach on little stomach acid. The stomach tries to decompose the food with the little acid, which is due to (little more) acid production and intensified mixing movements. Through these movements, acidic porridge gets back into the esophagus – and heartburn occurs.
  • In addition, the stomach takes much longer in an acid deficiency to get the digestive process going. The food is longer in the stomach and caused by fermentation processes gases that lead to regurgitation – another way, such as gastric acid or acidic food pulp enter the esophagus.

The danger of Gastric acid deficiency

  • If you take medicines for heartburn and especially for a stomach acid excess, then that – in an actual gastric acid deficiency – be counterproductive. By lowering the amount of gastric acid, it is even more difficult for the stomach to process the ingested food. The symptoms may increase after a short relief. Therefore, the possible causes of heartburn should be thoroughly researched by the doctor.

These Foods causing heartburn

  • Let’s get to our list. Below you will find various foods and ingredients of dishes as well as beverages that can cause heartburn. A sensitive stomach may respond to several of these examples. If you suffer from heartburn more often, you are likely to be one of those with a sensitive stomach. But also diseases of the stomach and the intestine can be responsible for chronic complaints.

Citrus Fruits

foods causing heartburn
foods causing heartburn
  • Citrus fruits, such as oranges, limes, and lemons, contain a lot of fruit acid. Although they are also healthy because of their vitamins, they should only be taken in moderation by people who are prone to heartburn. For example, in the form of diluted juices, in a fruit salad or as slices in a drink.

Fruit juices

foods causing heartburn
foods causing heartburn
  • Above all, undiluted juices and nectars of sour fruits contain a large amount of acid. This can lead to an excess in the stomach if you drink a lot of fruit juice. The result is heartburn. It is best to dilute these juices with water (non-carbonated).

Carbonic Acid

  • Carbonic acid, as its name suggests, is an acid. But even more so than the hyperacidity ensures regurgitation after the intake of carbon dioxide for heartburn. The rapid escape of gases from the stomach into the esophagus can cause the stomach walls to squeeze the stomach acid and also spill it into the esophagus.

Currants and Raspberries

foods causing heartburn
foods causing heartburn
  • Especially blackcurrants are very healthy because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. However, they, as well as raspberries, bring with them a lot of fruit acid and fructose. This can acidify the stomach and cause heartburn.

Acidic Vegetables

  • The prime example of heartburn-inducing vegetables is tomatoes. Anyone who has cut their fingers while cutting tomatoes and has got tomato juice in their wounds knows how badly it burns. A sign of a high acidity, and therefore with a correspondingly frequent consumption also a cause of heartburn.

Pickled vegetable

foods causing heartburn
foods causing heartburn
  • Whether tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beetroot or other vegetables: If this is inserted, then usually in brandy vinegar, which must have a certain amount of acid for preserving. A more moderate consumption of pickles can, therefore, prevent heartburn.


  • Another combination of acidic vegetables and vinegar. If spicy spices have been processed in the ketchup, the risk of heartburn increases even more. Another factor for heartburn is the sugar present in ketchup.

Hot Spices

  • In addition to chili and pepper, you should also be careful when seasoning not to use too much curry and ginger. Also, you should consider using onions and garlic if you are prone to heartburn. A normal paprika powder can also cause discomfort in weak stomachs.


foods causing heartburn
foods causing heartburn
  • Especially hard-boiled eggs need a lot of stomach acid during the digestive processes in the stomach. They should therefore always be well chewed. But the fermentation processes, which are triggered by eggs in the digestive tract, can lead to an acid regurgitation.

Fats and oils

  • Fat food, the excessive intake of oils, fats in the form of butter and margarine and in the form of meat, which can also cause indigestion and heartburn, ensures an overproduction of stomach acid. If it becomes too much or spills up through other influences, it burns in the esophagus.


  • Mayonnaise causes heartburn very effectively because here several of the foods listed by us come together as ingredients. it is a combination of eggs, oil, vinegar and/or lemon juice and spices such as salt and pepper. A smorgasbord of reasons for heartburn so.


  • Caffeine ensures many processes and processes in our body. In addition to the incentive to produce adrenaline in the adrenals, it also stimulates gastric acid production. Therefore, coffee, tea, energy and some soft drinks can be summarized at this point.

Sweets and chocolate

  • In the first stages of digestion carbohydrates (sugar and starch) and proteins are decomposed. Therefore, sweets cause heartburn in some people due to an increased amount of sugar. Chocolate also contains theobromine, which looks similar to caffeine.


  • This stimulant also irritates the stomach. In particular, the inconvenience, under which the gastric mucous membranes suffer from alcohol intake, provide for heartburn. In addition, among the alcoholic beverages, the carbonated and wine – due to acid and bitter substances – should be avoided if the stomach is sensitive.


  • Surprising, but not surprising. Who takes a lot of peppermint as a plant, tea, candy or brandy, which can ensure a decent heartburn. Gentle for the stomach is therefore teas from fennel or chamomile.


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