how to become fair naturally and permanently

how to become fairer naturally

Home remedies for a smooth facial skin

how to become fair naturally and permanently ….? These natural home remedies help you to get a smooth facial skin. Instructions for facial cleansing and prescriptions for your own face toner and face masks for smooth skin.

For a smooth facial skin, you can use the power of nature for daily facial care. Marvel at how easy it is to get the smooth facial skin. For a systematic facial skin care, you only need to invest a few minutes daily. We have collected all home remedies for a smooth facial skin.

Do you want a skin like milk and honey? Cleopatra knew the secrets of fresh, firm and healthy-looking skin thousands of years ago. She used milk and honey to care for her extraordinarily youthful skin. Natural products are also an optimal choice today and cost-effective. You certainly have most additives in the house.

Condition for a smooth facial skin

Important is the morning and evening cleaning to remove dirt and prepare the skin for the care, then follows a skin type appropriate care cream or care oil. Once a week you should treat your skin to a spa treatment, ie a facial mask.

The cleaning of the skin

Use milk or buttermilk in the morning and in the evening as a daily cleansing lotion. If you want, you can add a few drops of fruit juice. Fruit acid has a firming effect; Apricots, in particular, contribute to the reduction of wrinkles and firming. However, if you prefer to wash your face with water, just add a little milk to the water.

Natural tonic for smooth skin

After cleansing the face you can use a homemade tonic.

1) Chamomile tea

Prepare a tea from chamomile flowers, arnica, dandelion or marigold flowers, which you put on a cotton ball to cleanse your face. All four plants contribute as a natural means to a wrinkle-free, rosy to become fair naturally and permanently

For irritated skin, add a little aloe vera juice.

2) tomato juice how to become fair naturally and permanently

Tomato juice or cucumber juice also help to make the skin toned, smooth and beautiful.

3) walnut oil

how to become fair naturally and permanentlyExperiments have shown that linoleic acid in walnut oil is able to smooth wrinkles and firm the skin. Wheat germ oil has the same firming and regenerating effect due to its high vitamin E content. Pure olive oil also helps wrinkles. All oils can be used for facial or facial massage, as well as in face masks.

Natural facial masks for smooth facial skin

All masks are applied once a week, applied to the face and neck with fingers or a brush and rinsed with lukewarm water after 15-30 exposure times.

4) egg yolk mask

For a yolk mask, mix a yolk with a few drops of lemon juice and pure almond oil (substitute cream). This nutrient mask will refine the pores while preventing wrinkles.

how to become fairer naturally

The cucumber mask is especially firming: The easiest way is to place freshly sliced cucumber slices directly on your face. You will be astonished how nicely that tightens! Alternatively, cucumber juice may be mixed with a protein and a tablespoon of cream and 2-3 drops of aromatic oil (lavender, rose, geranium).

For a firming and regenerating mask with oatmeal, boil 3-5 spoonfuls of oatmeal with a little milk. The still lukewarm oatmeal porridge is applied to the face.

5) honey mask

The same firming effect has a honey mask: stir 2-3 tablespoons honey with a drop of lemon juice and apply this mass with the fingertips or a brush on the facial skin.

In southern and Arab countries, women have been using virgin, cold-pressed olive oil mixed with egg yolks for centuries to care for their hands and face. Add two to three tablespoons of cottage cheese or yogurt, as milk proteins smooth the skin.

6) Egg white snow mask

For skin treatment, use fresh egg whites: beat egg whites to stiff snow and apply to the face. After 10 minutes, take off with lukewarm water. The protein can also be used in an unbeaten condition. What can you do if you look particularly tired? First, use the protein mask, then lay a damp-hot towel over the face for about a minute, followed by compressing with ice water for about five minutes. The facial skin looks then fresh and plump.

7)Use the time of the face mask

Use the mask time, in which you place cotton pads moistened with cucumber water, chamomile tea or sage tea on the eyes. In this way, the particularly sensitive skin around the eyes is taken care of and you can really relax.

8) Drink more water to get fair skin

Make it a habit to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. This is not just a typical admonition that water is the key to keeping the body on track. It is liquid bad luck from the body due to the dissipation and continued by Pee sweating. This misfortune does not have to be compensated by drinking plenty of water and juices yet soft drinks.

At the point when the water supply water yield is not equivalent, then take out dry place.generally, liquid misfortune takes place in a hot atmosphere among those who have overwhelming workout plans at high altitudes and dehydrated in the elderly who do not have a tendency to feel. The body consists of 60% water, which is needed for various body capacities such as processing, breath, ingestion, flow, the transport of nutrients and the maintenance of typical body temperature. If you have little water activates the spirit of thirst component of the body. Water is a non-calorie drink, and it’s the safest way to get skinnier.

8) Peel naturally get how to become fair naturally and permanently

Follow a decent skincare schedule. Do not skip as without this scrub, you can not dispose of your dry and dead skin cells, which will make your complexion appear dull and make. You do not always have to buy a scrub. Homemade scrubs are just as successful! Use oats as an exfoliator instead of a packaged item. There are numerous natural alternatives available.

It is important to let your skin breathe.remove your makeup before you sleep soundly. Yes, follow this step consistently without coming for a minute, no matter how tired you are! With makeup, you can not repair your skin without someone else being present.

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