What are The Types of hair loss

types of hair loss

The types of hair loss are as different as the causes that can lead to the same. Basically, there is the failure, which means the increased loss of hair and the alopecia, where already significant hairless districts occur to the point of hairlessness.

1. Circular hair loss

Types of hair lossCircular hair loss is pathological and characterized by round and limited areas of hairlessness. It occurs on the head, sometimes on the beard. This disease can affect anyone and is therefore completely independent of age.

You can recognize this species, as I said, at the round bald spots, often complain the victims but also in addition to brittle fingernails and allergies.

The exact causes of this disease have not been determined and the research is ongoing. But there are assumptions that make the immune system response, for example.

Important for those affected is that the hair roots are not permanently damaged and thus often grow back the places. Nevertheless, this disease can also lead to complete hairlessness.

2. Hereditary hair loss (androgenetic hair loss)

This is the type of hair loss that most commonly occurs. Hereditary hair loss is not a disease. The cause here is the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is made from testosterone. types of hair loss

Testosterone is an endogenous hormone in both sexes, which produces the important DHT, which has great significance but can also bring about fatal developments.


3. Diffuse hair loss

Types of hair lossIf you suffer from diffuse hair loss, no bald spots occur, but the hair becomes evenly thinner at all points. The roots of the hair are due to a variety of causes, such as stress, infections, medication or metabolic disorders, no longer able to provide the hair and finally stop their activities.

A doctor will advise you to determine the exact causes by means of various tests and examinations, and then to proceed with therapies or treatments.

4.Receding Hairline

Types of hair lossThe so-called receding hairlines are of particular interest to the gentlemen.Nowadays hair fall is not related to age. Here, an excess of the hormone DHT causes the onset of baldness.

But the hair roots can be reactivated with much patience and medical help.


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