yoga for weight loss adriene Losing weight with yoga: is that possible?

yoga for weight loss adriene

You want to lose weight, preferably relaxed? Then you should include yoga in your diet plans – the exercises not only burn calories, you can also relieve stress and take a break from everyday life.

Who wants to lose weight should burn calories regularly. For this purpose, various sports are suitable. But the stress level should be lowered as part of a diet – so the kilo loss is even more effective. Yoga is perfect for this.

Sun Salutation and Co. burn calories

If you want to lose weight with yoga, it makes a huge difference which form you choose – because you burn different calories in different types of yoga. At Hatha Yoga , which is especially popular with beginners, you burn around 200 calories per hour – about as much as a plate of strawberries or two eggs. If that’s not enough, try Power Yoga – it burns about 400 calories per hour. Most calories can be burned with  Bikram Yoga – about 650 calories per hour, equivalent to about an hour of swimming. If you really want to lose weight with yoga, you should practice it as regularly as possible. Experts recommendabout three units a week to melt the kilos.

Stress reduction through yoga can make pounds fall

Scientific studies prove it: Stress and excess pounds seem to be directly related. People who are exposed to a lot of negative stress often have problems losing weight. This is due to the stress hormone cortisol, which favors the formation of fat in the body. Do you often have stress too? Then yoga can help you with your dieting: Through the exercises body and mind should be reconciled. Internal tension can be relieved, you can relax and refocus at the same time – and thus gain new strength for your diet.

4. week yoga for weight loss adriene diet program

The yoga expert Kirsten Schultz Dollard and fitness and Ayurveda specialist Dr. med. John Douillard’s Yoga Diet is based on a four-week program of Ayurvedic nutrition and type-specific yoga workouts. It helps you to find inner balance, build a healthy body awareness and better manage stress.

1 week

The first week is all about de-stressing, which includes developing healthy eating habits and taking time and rest for meals and their fresh preparation sandwich sandwiches in front of the screen or running to the floor Subway is taboo from now! Because stress and hecticness leads to hyperacidity – which in turn promotes fat storage in the body.
To Dos

  • Cleansing and supporting the digestive system: Swallowing hot water all day removes undigested food residues, toxins, slags etc. (“Ama”)
  • 3 – 4 meals a day, consciously and in absolute calm enjoy (if possible, even without discussions!); the midday meal should be the biggest
  • no snacks or other snacks
  • Determine Dosha type by questionnaire: Are you Vata, Pitta or Kapha? Which of the three ayurvedic types they meet determines how your diet and workout should develop as the diet progresses
  • 10 minutes breathing exercises per day

Effect: The body awareness is promoted, metabolism and fat burning started

2 weeks

To Dos

  • detailed occupation with the personal Dosha type
  • Change to a type-appropriate diet
  • no snacks, only three meals left
  • Learn 5 yoga exercises according to your Dosha type

Effect: shaping of the body, hardly more food cravings

3 week

To Dos

  • Reduce dinner
  • three Dosha-type-compliant yoga workouts

Effect: Blood sugar stabilization (no cravings anymore), body shaping

4th week

To Dos

  • earlier dinner
  • three times intensive yoga training

Effect: Fat burning in sleep is optimized, more energy in the morning and for the day

After the diet

To Dos

  • Try to keep the principles of Week 1
  • Deepen and intensify the type-specific yoga workouts, supplementing them with meditation
  • twice a year a special 4-day detoxification cure

Effect: Increasing holistic health and balance in a natural way, with concomitant healthy, constant weight


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